Clean Duds

clean duds - mssEC_29_137 cropped.jpg


 12 Aug 4
Cherrystone Aug 4
Maj Eckert
Have you any
objections to my going to F to
get some more clean duds on
me did not think would be
here as long & did not bring
any with me

Apparently Operator Snyder was not a Boy Scout, because he was definitely not prepared for his sudden deployment to the telegraph office at Cherrystone.


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2 responses to “Clean Duds”

  1. Ross says :

    I think the “me” is supposed to be “we” I’ve noticed that many writings have “m” and “w” looking exactly the same. Makes it difficult to figure out sometimes


    • katecpeck says :

      That’s interesting Ross, I transcribed it as “me” because it looks the same as the word in the second to last line, which has to be “me” based on context. The first letter does look an awful lot like the “w” in “would” though!


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