Army Discipline

army discipline - mssEC_02_145 cropped.jpg


Hd Qrs 3d Div Camp Taylor 19th  Recd May 21 “62
Hon EMS Secy of War my lines
of post extend more than four
hundred miles my own personal attention
cannot be given to all the
troops under my command the most
terrible outrages robberies rapes arsons plundering
are being committed by lawless brigands
and vagabonds connected with the Army
and I desire authority to punish
all those found guilty of perpatrating
these crimes with death by hanging
wherever I am and in person
all is quiet and orderly but
in several instances in regiments remote
from Head Qrs I have the
most deplorable accounts of excesses committed
by soldiers I beg authority to
control these plunderers by visiting upon
their crimes the punishment of death
O M Mitchell
B Gen

Ormsby Mitchel took his command seriously, and the West Point graduate was keen to cut down on misbehavior in his ranks. Mitchel died in South Carolina of yellow fever later in the same year, but his name lives on: in two separate features of Mars’ surface; the town of Mitchell, Indiana; and Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

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