New York Draft Riot of 1863 – Day 2

mssEC_08_066 ny draft riots 1863.jpg

240 PM
430 PM  New York July 14. 1863.
Hon Edwin M Stanton Secy War
You may Judge of the capacity
at Hd Qrs here when every
effort cannot extract any moer information
than I have forwarded. Excuse me
for saying that this mob is
testing Govt. nearly as strongly as
the Southern rebellion If you cannot
enforce the draft here it will
not be enforced elsewhere The example
will prove contagious & similar events
transpire in every large City – If
you send sufficient force here to
demonstrate the power of the Govt
its effect will reach every part
of the country & in one settlement
answer for the whole. Immediate action
is necessary or the Govt &
County will be disgraced very Respy
Signed E S. Sanford

July 14th, 1863, was the second day of the New York Draft Riot, and things were not looking any better to those in New York City. Edward S. Sanford is not shy about expressing his opinion that allowing the opposition to the draft to continue unchecked could cause the defeat of the Union. He does put an effort into making it keeping his tone respectful, though.


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