Family Drama

family drama mssEC_28_314 cropped.jpg


11 10 July 10
Pt Lookout
Maj. T.T. Eckert
Strictly private. Family matters
require my immediate attention at home
for a few days if not attended to at
once I am utterly destroyed. I
beg of you to relieve me a day or
so that I may go and save my
children. I am about being crushed
by one that has always professed to
be my friend but now is about to
accomplish his long cherished
design Respy
J.W. Carver

You know that one friend you have who is really melodramatic? Well, they have nothing on J.W. Carver. Of course, it is entirely possible that some heartless cad had been insinuating himself into Carver’s life so that he could ruin his family, but who knows? One of the problems with this project is that we only get glimpses into peoples’ lives, and sometimes we want to know more. What do you think happened to the Carver family?

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