New York City Draft Riot of 1863 – Day 3

mssEC_08_076 ny draft riots 1863.jpg

1.35 P.M.  New York July 15th 1863
From New. York noon July 15th for
S.P. Chase Wash’n I fear the government
does not appreciate the magnitude of
the danger from resistance to the
law in this city We want
such an iron will as Gen. Butlers
and at lest twn thousand effective
men – Pray see President and Sec’y of War
to whom I have just telegraphed –
a day’s delay is hazardous – D.
D. Field [deletion]not as thunder just[/deletion]

On the third day of the New York City draft riot, provost marshal general James Barnet Fry let it be known that the draft was being postponed. This didn’t bring an end to the rioting however, and there were calls like this one from D.D. Field to install a general who was more robust than the present commander, General John E. Wool, who was the oldest general on either side of the war.

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