Confederate Successes at Sea

mssEC_03_040 - first engagement of monitor and merrimack cropped.jpgFortress Monroe 8th  Recd March 9th 62-
Hon E M Stanton
The Merrimac came down from
Norfolk today & about two
oclock attached the Cumberland &
Congress. she sunk the Cumberland
& the Congress surrendered. the
Minnesota is aground & attacked
by the Jamestown Yorktown &
Merrimac. the Saint Lawrence just
arrived and going to assist.
the Minnesota is aground probably
both will be taken. that
is the opinion of Capt
Marston & his officers.
the Roanoke is under our
guns. It is thought the
Merrimac Jamestown & Yorktown will
pass the fort tonight finis
John E Wool
Maj Genl

There was very little good news to report from Fort Monroe on March 8th, 1862. The CSS Virginia (referred to here as the Merrimac) made its dramatic debut at the Battle of Hampton Roads, wreaking havoc among the wooden ships of the Union Navy. The next day, however, would see the arrival of the USS Monitor, leading to the first engagement between ironclad ships.

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