Arrest the Particularly Obnoxious Political Leaders

mssEC_12_244 - arrest particularly obnoxious political leaders.jpg

A H Caldwell Richmond  Phila May 4th 1865
Phila 12 midnight 4th to Gen Halleck. I gave Gen Hancock
, several days ago , verbal directions
to treat all men in arms in Va as you
propose to notify them you will do . I wish you
would have efforts made to arrest Smith, Hunter,
Letcher & all other particularly obnoxious political leaders
in the state . I would advise offering a reward of
five thousand Dollars for Moseby if he is still
in the state
US Grant
Lt Genl

I’m sure that there are plenty of people these days who wish that particularly obnoxious political leaders could be arrested, but things are a bit different now than they were in May of 1865. The war was nearly over and the long, slow road to Reconstruction was just starting.

It’s interesting to note that John S. Mosby (spelled here “Moseby”) and Grant later became friends and political allies, in spite of the bounty that Grant suggested be offered as a reward for Mosby’s capture.

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