Hospitals and Chloroform

mssEC_07_033 - setting up a hospital.jpg

1145 PM  Ft Monroe Va Apl 11th
Brig Genl Hammond Surg Genl there
are signs of active operations on
the part of the Enemy through
out the Dept the Ocean house
at parts-month Virginia has by
my direction been put in a
condition to be taken for a
Hospital if necessary will it meet
with your approval to have it
fitted us as a General Hospital
have just recd telegram from Suffolk
for Chloroform stimulants &c which
I have ordered sent has Doctor
Frantz requisition been sent signed R
H Gilbert Med Director 1030 PM

William Alexander Hamilton served as the 11th Surgeon General of the United States Army from 1862 to 1864, and left a legacy of increased facilities, better trained doctors, and the Army Medical Museum. The Ocean House in Portsmouth (parts-month), Virginia, must have met with Hammond’s approval, since it is mentioned in The medical and surgical reporter of June 27, 1863, along with its new name, “Balfour” Hospital.

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