“A Wagon Load of Tobacco”

mssEC_09_310 - helped themselves to tobacco.jpg

Harpers Ferry Nov 18th 530 PM for
Genl Kelly – my cavalry under
command of Col Boyd twenty first
Penna Cavalry have returned having been
up the Valley to near new
market fighting Gilmores & Whites command
at Mount Jackson bringing in twenty
seven prisoners two commission officers ninety
head cattle three four horse teams
besides thirty tents all horses &
equipage of prisoners – He destroyed
a number of tents & a
quantity of Salt – The men
helped themselves to a wagon load
of tobacco about five hundred pounds
our loss was two men Killed
three men wounded three missing period
I send you report by mail
sig J C Sullivan Br Gen comdg

The men of the 21st Pennsylvania Cavalry must have thought they hit the jackpot when they discovered tobacco among the Confederate soldiers and supplies they had captured. Was the tobacco part of the soldiers’ rations? 500 pounds sounds like a lot, but when you have an army of 1,000s you probably burn through supplies pretty quickly.

Thanks to Zooniverse user yourobedientservant for pointing this one out!

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