Foiling a Great Escape

mssEC_18_278 - getting ready to escape.jpg

John Horner, New York. [insertion](1)[/insertion] Washington D.C. Jan 20. ’65 [insertion]11. A.M.[/insertion]
Kasson unity I am informed that the iron
bars or grating protecting the window in cell
number plug are sawed or filed off at
top and bottom a few inches from the
mason work so that one man can easily
remove them The sent ry has been bribed
and gift prisoners now in the cell are
waiting a favorable opportunity to escape zodiac Please
have it attended to at once walrus Insanity

The 16 prisoners in cell number 1 are about to make a break for it! This telegram from Charles Dana to General Dix warns the general of an impending escape attempt using cipher number 1 (as indicated by the “(1)” at the top of the page). This is another situation where it would be great to know whether anything came of this intelligence or not. In the second phase of Decoding the Civil War we will ask volunteers to identify information such as sender, recipient, date, location, etc., which will make it much easier for us to search across the separate ledgers to find related messages.

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One response to “Foiling a Great Escape”

  1. Marjorie Rapp says :

    I , too, transcribed this message and told several colleagues about it as an example of his fascinating this project it. I hoped it might serve as an inducement to get more volunteers.


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