Stop Sending Inexperienced Commanders!

mssEC_02_218 - stop sending inexperienced commanders.jpg

Recd June 30″ 62
Corinth 30th For EMS Your telegram
of twenty sixth is just received
I much regret to lose Pope
from this Dept but cannot object
to his receiving a higher command
but I must protest against the
transfer of Genl Schuyler Hamilton and
Genl Granger unless on their own
application or with the object of
promotion. I think the former deserves
promotion for his operations at New Madrid
and Island No Ten The sending
of new unexperienced and ineficient officers
to this Dept has already had
a very injurious effect I am
from their rank obliged to assign
them to Brigades and Divisions which
have been organized and a long
time commanded by others This creates
great dissatisfaction both among the Officers
and men In one case this
has already ammounted almost to a
mutiny I most respectfully request that
as few such transfers be made
as possible signed Halleck

In this telegram to Edwin Stanton, General Halleck laments the loss of General Pope to the short lived Army of Virginia, and asks that he not be deprived of Generals Hamilton or Granger unless they specific seek a transfer. [Schuyler Hamilton, by the way, was a grandson of Alexander Hamilton, and just happened to be Halleck’s brother-in-law.] He’s more concerned, however, that Washington will keep sending inexperienced officers who he will be obliged to place in command over the current officers because of their ranks.

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