Desperate for Artillery

mssEC_07_344 - in desperate need of artillery - LimaZulu.jpg

1030 P.M.  Baltimore June 20 1863
General Barry (Chf of Artillery) Have you not a
spare battery or rather two of
them from your Camp of instruction
or elsewhere that you can send
me immediately General Ripley Cannot fill
the requisitions made and I need
guns Even field batteries if nothing
heavier for defensive works I am
Constructing Signed R.C. Schenck 10 P.M. badly frightened

Things must have been dire for Union General Robert C. Schenck if he was willing to settle for a field battery or artillery from the camp of instruction. I imagine that’s kind of like being so desperate for a car that you ask to borrow one from a driving school! The next telegraph on the page is a nearly identical request that Schenck sent to the General Ripley mentioned in this message making another plea for some artillery, any artillery that could be spared.

Thanks to Zooniverse user LimaZulu for bringing this message to our attention!

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