Telegram Tails Round-Up

The Decoding the Civil War volunteers are great, in case you hadn’t noticed. They’ve powered through almost 43,000 transcriptions in three months and identified 100s of telegrams that are interesting for their content and form. In addition to tagging messages with their sender or whether the telegram is in code, some of our Zooniverse users have taken up the challenge of finding “telegram tails“, the little phrases and notes that operators added to the end of telegrams to fill out the final lines. These are some of our favorites – let us know if you’ve come across any other striking examples! (Zooniverse username in italics after each telegram tail)

First, let’s check some updates on the weather

mssEC_04_260 - clear and warm - mistyfriday.jpg“clear and warm” mistyfriday

mssEC_08_390 - cold day - LimaZulu.jpg “cold day” LimaZulu

mssEC_15_105 - quite wet - SarahTheEntwife.jpg

“quite wet” SarahTheEntwife

mssEC_16_234 - cloudy cool - LimaZulu.jpg “cloudy cool” LimaZulu

mssEC_16_317 - cold windy - hungmung.jpg “cold windy” hungmung

mssEC_16_317 - fine weather here today - hungmung.jpg “fine weather here today ” hungmung

mssEC_19_282 - fine weather for skeeters - woodrose46.jpg “fine weather this for skeeters & bugs” woodrose46

mssEC_25_135 - prospects of rain - ColleenMcC.jpg “prospects of rain” ColleenMcC

mssEC_25_135 - very hot down here - ColleenMcC.jpg “very hot down here” ColleenMcC


Next, here’s some chit-chat between telegraphers and comments on the news

USED - mssEC_07_344 - badly frightened - LimaZulu.jpg “badly frightened” LimaZulu

mssEC_07_348 - how is old abe - SarahTheEntwife.jpg “How is old Abe” SarahTheEntwife

mssEC_09_339 - like new cipher much - absoluteforth.jpg “like new cipher much” absoluteforth

mssEC_16_023 - things are working - SarahTheEntwife.jpg “things are working” SarahTheEntwife

mssEC_16_062 - how about that - SarahTheEntwife.jpg “How about that” SarahTheEntwife

mssEC_16_098 - how is that - LimaZulu.jpg “How is that” LimaZulu

mssEC_16_236 - Bully for you - JustStardust.jpg “Bully for you” JustStardust

mssEC_16_317 - take em - hungmung.jpg “take em” hungmung

mssEC_17_010 - how are you mac - SarahTheEntwife.jpg “How are you Mac” SarahTheEntwife

mssEC_17_298 - anything for me - JustStardust.jpg “Anything for me” JustStardust

mssEC_18_140 - getting lively again - Electora.jpg “getting to be lively again” Electora

mssEC_22_209 - telegraphers thick here - JustStardust.jpg “telegraphers thick here” JustStardust


Finally, some of the most interesting telegram tails integrate the last word of the message, which was often a woman’s name (used to indicate time)

mssEC_16_273 - martha kissed the saviors feet - JustStardust.jpg “Martha kissed the Saviors feet” JustStardust

mssEC_18_012 - night in a gale oh - LimaZulu.jpg “Florence night-in-a-gale oh” LimaZulu

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