Bouncing the Treasury’s Check

mssEC_10_302 - account overdrawn.jpg

1140 am  New York June 23d 1864
New York 23 – Secy of Navy. The
voucher receive yesterday was paid by Henderson
by check on Sub Treasy I deposited
it in my bank . this morning
payment is refused Mr Cisco, my
bank account is therefore over drawn if
Sec Treasy telegraphs Mr Cisco he will pay
the check, please have this done as
I have not one cent on hand
H.S. Olcott
Spl Comr

The life of a civil servant has never been easy, though Olcott probably thought that a check from the Sub Treasury of the United States was a fairly reliable method of payment. Alas, Mr. Cisco did not agree, and now Mr. Olcott (whom you may remember from an earlier post) is in a bit of a tight spot. There’s probably a lesson here about not mixing your personal and work accounts, but I can’t be sure.


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One response to “Bouncing the Treasury’s Check”

  1. Joseph Carlyle Williams, Jr. says :

    This could happen again, treasury checks bouncing. The majority of the folks in D.C. ,in power, have never learned anything from history.


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