General Nelson Returns to Action – But Not For Long

mssEC_05_148 - gen nelson returns to duty shortly before being shot.jpg

Cincinnati Sept 16th 1862 310 PM
Halleck General Nelson is sufficiently recovered
to resume his command to relieve
me from embarrassment I urgently request
that Lewis Wallace be ordered by telegraph
to some duty outside this Dept
please take actions at once H
G Wright Major General Commanding 3 PM

This rather short telegram by Major General Write is rife with the difficulties of work and personal relationships. General Nelson was injured in August and was forced to retreat to Louisville. He recovered quickly, but Wright seems dismissive of General Nelson’s return to service. On a fateful note, this return would put Nelson on a collision course with fellow Union General Jefferson C. Davis. Thirteen days after this telegram was sent (#OTD 1862), Davis shot Nelson at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville over a matter of a personal insult.

Wright also appears to have serious complaints about his fellow general, Lewis Wallace, and wants him gone. All of this while the Confederates were threatening to invade Ohio. Work relationships have never been easy!

For an illustrated depiction of General Davis – as well as other images from the Huntington Digital Library – visit our Instagram account.


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