Grant Losing Patience with Canby

mssEC_13_172 - grant unhappy with canby.jpg

430 P.M.  City Pt Mar. 14th 1865
14th 3 pm for Secy War, I am very much dissatisfied with Gen Canby –
he has been slow beyond excuse – I wrote to him long since
that he could not trust Granger in command , after that he
nominated him for the Command of a Corps – I wrote to him too
that he must command the troops going into the field in person –
on the 1st of March he is in New Orleans & does not say
a word about leaving there – I would like now to have
Steele , as I recommended long since in a dispatch , ad-dressed
to Gen. Halleck, put in command of the 13th Corps – as soon as Sheridan can be
spared I will want him to supercede Canby & the latter put in
command of the Dept of Gulf unless he does far better in the next few weeks
than I, now, have any reason to hope for – U S Grant
Lt Gen

photpf 2760a - Portrait_of_Maj_Gen_E_R_S_Canby.jpg

Union General Edward Canby, circa 1865 (Huntington Digital Library copy)

Edward Canby appears to have been a general of the Halleck-type, well versed in regulations and skilled as an administrator, but cautious in the field. It is unsurprising, then, that Grant was frustrated by his battlefield performance. Fortunately for Canby, the war was drawing to a close, and his ensuing performance was decent enough to maintain his post. He would later accept the surrender of Confederate Generals Richard Taylor on May 4, 1865, and Edmund Kirby Smith on May 26, 1865.

Also, Canby was a champion mean-mugger. Just look at this guy!

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