Election Day, 1864!

As Mario has shown in the last few posts, Eckert and other telegraph men were preparing their staff and equipment to receive updates on the presidential race of 1864. Reports poured in from across the country, from Indiana to Maine, and in honor of our own election, we would like to present you with a glimpse of what kind of news was received in the Washington USMT office.


New York
Maj Eckert
all seems quiet &
serene I was at
polls before they
opened & found 100
to 200 voters in line
waiting their turn.
I gave them an hour
& a half of my valuable
time before I could
get my vote in. It was
as good natured a
crowd as I <unclear>


mssEC_30_449 - heavy voting yet all quiet.jpg

Maj Eckert
Very heavy voting
but as yet all
quiet & serene as a
May sunday morning


mssEC_30_456 - election in indiana.jpg

8 Nov 8
Cleveland  Nov 8
Indianapolis 8″ Election progressing
quietly here and Generally throughout State
Slight disturbance at Brownstown. Lincoln
will have not less than thousand more
than Morton majority in City
A Stager


mssEC_31_056 - new jersey to lincoln maybe.jpg

N York
Are you waiting
for more news or
have you got enough
to retire upon. It is
possible that New Jersey
has voted for Lincoln
in which case it is
proposed to take her
back into the union
E S Sanford

(Sanford is being quite sarcastic here in regards to New Jersey! and wrong–it went for McClellan. They stayed with their local boy, Little Mac.)

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One response to “Election Day, 1864!”

  1. FlowCoef says :

    New Jersey supporting McClellan was not her finest hour.

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