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6 P.M.
Balto Jany 22nd
5.30 P.M. For Com’y Genl – Twenty thousand men pass over
our Road in next three to five days from the west
to Washington & hot coffee is indispensable for them in
abundant quantities at Benwood, Parkersburg, Grafton, Cumberland,
Martinsburg and Sandy Hook – Some hesitation is made by
local Commissaries for want of orders – Wont you order
them at once to provide the coffee by telegraph or
detail a messenger to go on our train tomorrow A.M.
to personally instruct them – This is of vital importance
in such weather I act on behalf of Secy of War
who will sustain you in promptly meeting Emergency sig W.
P. Smith Master of Transp’n B. & O. R.R. times are lively

While parts of the U.S. are starting to be socked in by large amounts of snow, I thought it would be nice to show our readers that some cold weather staples, particularly coffee, have been considered vital for more than 150 years. It’s also interesting to see the relationship between public and private institutions, with this representative of the B. & O. Railroad seeking supplies from military commissaries. It must have been very cold in January of 1865 the Master of Transportation to invoke the specter of the Secretary of War.

Stay safe and warm, and if you need a way to kill some time, why not transcribe a few telegrams? And drink lots of coffee. 😉

Thanks to Zooniverse users red_mtn and JustStardust for bringing this telegram of great importance to our attention!


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