Rotation Tool! Huzzah!

All of us, researchers, programmers, and our volunteers, have been waiting for this day for a long time. We have all encountered a few pages with writing running South to North, or even North to South, rather than West to East. The transcription process is difficult enough with adding side-winding text. Our able volunteers have suggested a number of very clever work-arounds, but a rotation tool would make it that much easier.

In addition a rotation tool would prevent this:


This is a transcribed page plotting all the attempted lines–most run pretty straight, a testament to our able volunteers, but a few are quiet wonky. In addition the data returned is all over the map.  The rotation tool will fix this issue as well, linking the line to the correct transcription.

Finally, the new rotation tool will enable us to load in the last of the Eckert material: copy books. More on these for our next post. Right now, at this moment, let us say thanks to our fantastic programmers at Zooniverse for creating this incredibly valuable new tool.

Now go forth and transcribe!



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One response to “Rotation Tool! Huzzah!”

  1. Craig says :

    Thank you marioeinaudi and congrats on another valuable accomplishment by a group of obviously extraordinary programmers…but curses…just two days late for me! I had another vertical experience with Subject 2323217 on 4 Jan 2017!

    Never-the-less, we all need to acknowledge those same programmers who have made a difficult Decoding format task seem simple…


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