Ledgers with Transcriptions!

Today is an exciting day! Today is a day to say thank you to our volunteers and the research team for all their hard work! Today we added the first two ledgers with consensus transcriptions to the Huntington Digital Library!

The ledgers are mssEC 03 and mssEC 24. While small in terms of the number of pages in each, 74 and 100 respectively, their addition to the digital library is extremely important. After six months of hard work transcribing, we can start to show the fruits of our joint labor. This first fruit is the result of Phase 1, the initial full transcription of all the ledgers and letterpress books. It is wonderful to see and proves that this was the correct platform for these materials. The transcriptions created by our volunteers are incredibly clean and accurate. Here is page 38 from mssEC 03 showing the transcription next to the image of the page:


A search was done for “merrimac” and the word was found 17 times in this ledger; three times on this page alone. We are so pleased with the quality of the data being produced.

Thank you to all who have made this possible, from the staff at Zooniverse, the research team, and especially our dedicated and wonderful volunteers. All that hard work is paying off handsomely. Thank you.


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3 responses to “Ledgers with Transcriptions!”

  1. Craig Miller says :

    Hi marioeinaudi,

    I am traveling out of the USA for the next two months but checking in on your email blogs whenever possible and on the project itself. Your most recent – “Ledgers with Transcriptions” – is great news and the best insight yet as to what the final product will look like. Thank you for sharing the wonderful feeling of accomplishment….Craig


  2. Linda Dodge says :

    Great news! Could you all post the (approximate) progress on completing each ledger book? Maybe once a fortnight? Certainly a number of them have a high percentage of their pages retired or may even be starting the “consensus” processing phase. It would really be nice for us worker bees to have a deeper nsight into where the project is.


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