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(Second) Battle of Corinth

mssEC_05_170 - battle of corinth - oct 4.jpg

10 PM  Oct 4th
Jackson Tenn 1130 AM
To Halleck The Rebels are now
massing on Corinth in the north
West angle of the rail road
there was some fighting yesterday Rosecrans
informs me that his troops occupy
from College Hill to Pittsburg road
on the Enemies old works Genl
McPherson has gone with (crossed out) five
brigade raised from troops here &
Trenton to his relief probably reached
Corinth by seven this morning Hurlbut
is moving on the Enemies flank
from Bolivar I have given every
aid possible signed U S Grant look out

Today marked the second day of the Second Battle of Corinth, when Union forces under General William Rosecrans overcame Confederate forces under Generals Earl Van Dorn and Sterling Price. The reinforcements led by McPherson that Grant talks about sending arrived considerably later in the day than he projected, well after the Confederate army retreated, but Rosecrans failed to send any troops after Van Dorn that day, eliciting irritation from Grant.

The Road to (the Second Battle of) Corinth

mssEC_05_168 - lead up to 2nd corinth - oct 1.jpg

Grants H’d Qrs
1 am 2nd  Near Corinth Miss Oct 1st 1862
For Halleck For several days there
has been a movement of the
Rebels south of my front which
left it in doubt wheather Corinth
or Bolivar was to be the
point of attach it is now
clear that Corinth is the point
& that from the west or
north west Price Van Dorn Villipigue &
Rust are together Rust commands Breckenridge
forces the latter having gone to
Kentucky by Mobile & Chattanoga taking
three regiments with him my position
is precarious but hope to get
out of it all right signed
U S Grant look out for big fight

On October 3rd, 1862, the Second Battle of Corinth began, pitting Confederate forces under Van Dorn and Price against Union forces under Rosecrans. This telegram from Grant to Halleck was sent two days earlier, apprising him of the most recent developments, particularly the site of the coming battle. Clearly the operator knew what was coming, as the telegram tail he added to the message reads “look out for big fight”.