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Someone remind Watson we pay by the word…

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Washington D.C. Nov. 27. 1863
Honorable Columbia period The Claudius is
absent & the Camden is sick
but both receive your dispatches regularly
& esteem them highly not merely
because they are reliable but for
their clearness of narrative & their
graphic pictures of the stirring events
they describe paragraph The patient Endurance
& spirited valor Exhibited by Commanders
& men in the last great
feat of arms which has crowned
our cause with such a glorious
success is making all of us
hero were shippers P. H. Watson

Zooniverse user birdie2u pointed out this delightfully over-the-top message of praise, and it’s amusing to speculate about how it was received. Did the recipient use it to bolster their sense of pride and self-worth, or did they roll their eyes and toss it in the scrap heap? As birdie2u pointed out, “maybe it was one of the reasons they started limiting the words sent by telegram…”